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About us

About us

For more than 100 years, Mannesmann, then Vallourec, has been supplying China with large quantities of increasingly sophisticated tubes and pipes primarily serving the power generation and oil & gas markets as well as petrochemical, mechanical and structural applications.
On the power generation market, Vallourec is a recognized and experienced expert of solutions for nuclear and conventional (supercritical and ultra supercritical) power plants.


Key figures
Productions sites
2 000
years of cooperation between Vallourec/China
years of presence in china

Chinese market​

China represents approximately one third of the global seamless pipes consumption.

As an example, the Group delivered its first premium tubular solutions for the supercritical plant project of Qin Bei in 1995.
In Oil & Gas, Vallourec offers a wide range of premium tubular solutions as drill pipes, OCTG, risers, line-pipes and offshore structures, delivering products to the most demanding and critical fields in China such as Tarim basin (deep wells with critically geological conditions), Sichuan basin (extreme drilling conditions wells with high content of H2S and geological difficulties) as well as Bohai and Nanhai Seas (performance products for drilling deep water wells and complex extended reach wells).

Main customers

  • Power generation: Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, Guodian, CPI, HEC, SEC, DEC, DFHM, SENPEC, HQC, Shen Hua, B/W, Dongguan Power, Ji Lin Hao Yu.
  • Oil & Gas: CNPC, Sinopec, Chevron, Roc Oil, TP, TOTAL, ESSAR, Pertamina, Petrobras, PDVSA, Cairn, PTTEP, PERENCO, OXY, Shell, KOC, Repsol, Schlumberger, GE.




First tube delivered to the water network of Shanghai city by Mannesmann


First contract for boiler tubes and pipes


First plant in Changzhou (Changzhou Vallourec Heat Exchanger Tubes)


Creation of Vallourec Changzhou (finishing facility, power generation)


Creation of Vallourec (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Creation of VAM Changzhou (threading facility, oil & gas)


Decision to extend Vallourec Changzhou capacity (production of power generation tubes)


Acquisition of 19.5% of Tianda Oil Pipe, a Chinese pipe manufacturer for Oil & Gas applications​


Acquisition of 19.5% of Tianda Oil Pipe, a Chinese pipe manufacturer for Oil & Gas applications​


Extension of Vallourec Changzhou (production and finishing of power generation tubes)


Inauguration of Valinox Nucléaire new plant in Nansha


Creation of Vallourec (Beijing) Shanghai Branch​


Valinox Nucléaire Guangzhou (Nansha) receives HAF601 homologation


In November, increase of Vallourec controlling interest in Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe up to 70.07%.
In December, Vallourec holds 99.03% stake in Tianda and was successful in process of acquisition of the remaining minority shareholders 'equity in cash. The Group then set up a highly competitive production base of seamless pipes in Anhui Chuzhou by combining VAM® premium connection and Tianda high performance products.


In March, Anhui Tianda Oil Tubes (Tianda) Co. Ltd renamed as Vallourec Tianda (Anhui) Co., Ltd.


In January, VAM (Changzhou) Oil and Gas Premium Equipments Co., Ltd. formally incorporated into Vallourec Tianda (Anhui) Co., Ltd., which becomes Vallourec Tianda Changzhou Branch.


Chuzhou plant and Tianda Changzhou branch


Our sites in China include the Vallourec Tianda (Anhui) Chuzhou and Changzhou plants (formerly VAM® Changzhou). Vallourec Tianda (Anhui) Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 (formerly Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Co., Ltd.) and was acquired by Vallourec in 2016, world leader in the seamless pipes industry. Since January 1st 2020, VAM® Changzhou became a new branch within Vallourec Tianda under the name: Vallourec Tianda (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Changzhou Branch.

Vallourec Tianda supplies high-quality seamless pipes for demanding applications for a wide range of industries such as: Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Fluid Transport, Project Mechanicals and more.

Thanks to its product quality, its brand reputation and expertise, Vallourec Tianda has become the reference in China within the seamless pipe industry, selling products to over 50 regions and countries around the world. Vallourec Tianda has successfully passed all certifications of several international organizations such as ISO and API, as well as the product certification by several authoritative institutions such as ABS, BV, LR and TUV.

The Vallourec Tianda Chuzhou plant and the Changzhou branch have both been approved by more than 30 domestic and international largescale Petroleum Companies, such as: Sinopec, PetroChina, TOTAL, Chevron, Shell, ConocoPhillips & Sinopec, MOC, ADNOC, KOC, EI, Pertamina EP and Exxon-Mobil, and have been recognized as important production sites for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Our safety, quality and environmental measures are often cited as outperforming in international standards. Our experienced management team together with our highly qualified and dedicated workforce are committed to one shared objective: total customer satisfaction.

Excellent sales service Teams have sold products to more than 50 regions and countries around the world.

A unique offer

Vallourec Tianda supplies high-quality seamless tubes and pipes.

Since its acquisition, Anhui Tianda Oil Pipe Co., Ltd. (Tianda) has benefited from Vallourec’s 100-year-old experience in pipe mill manufacturing.

Carbon, alloy and high alloy steel grades
Outside diameters 4.5″- 13.37″ (114.3mm – 33 9.7mm)
Maximum outside diameter of coupling material to 14.56″ (370mm)
Wall thicknesses 0.19″- 1.37″ (5mm – 35mm) Tailor-made solution

Highest quality

Vallourec Tianda is supported by Vallourec’s worldwide expertise.

Vallourec Tianda has the same quality standards as all other Vallourec mills around the world and is supported by the Vallourec World Wide Process community that ensures the highest quality in all mills of the Group, and homogenizes processes in all mill activities.

For and with our customers

Vallourec Tianda has been one of the top exporters of Project Line Pipe, Process and OCTG products for many consecutive years.

We are more than a supplier to our customers. Vallourec Tianda is a reliable, long-lasting and stimulating partner in all challenges, especially the craziest!

Combining efficiency and proximity

The process itself is extremely flexible and our service is outstanding.

With Vallourec Tianda you get a highly competitive mill under the Vallourec brand. Located close to Shanghai’s port and Nanjing, close to Middle East & Asian markets, we can easily ship to the rest of the world.
Short lead time.

Vallourec Changzhou works


Based on a history that stretches back to 1904 when the first tube delivery reached Shanghai, Vallourec has built strong and lasting business relation-ships in China. Working in close accord with business partners in China to support the development of steel tube applications, Vallourec has established several production sites in Changzhou in order to be close to its customers.

Vallourec Changzhou works was established in 2006. The hollows from Europe are finished and equipped with the most advanced pipe forge mill in 2012. Vallourec Changzhou is good at supplying our customer outstanding quality large-diameter pipes.

Both production steps are available in the plant: customers can still choose the so-called two-step process where the hollows come from overseas or they can call for one step production, where even the hot forming part is made in the Vallourec Changzhou works.

Vallourec Changzhou is a reliable source of premium tube and pipe for demanding applications in a wide variety of industries such as energy, mechanical engineering, petrochemical, transportation, etc.

Our safety, quality and environmental regimes are often cited as outperforming international standards. Our experienced management team together with our highly qualified, dedicated workforce are committed to one shared objective: total customer satisfaction.